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Your complete medical record accessable to those that need it, you and your doctor.

We are very close to bringing you this amazing tool. So keep watching our site for the offical launch and be a part of the "Healthcare of Tomorrow".


Do you have access to your medical data?

doctor nurse TellLink is a medical device pioneering multi-point digital data synergy through a single device. TellLink is a unique concept driven by the need to have accessible data for all prior medical treatments. If you have ever been in a medical situation you will appreciate the ease by which this tool can provide your physician the necessary information to better treat your ailment. We all have had to fill out page, after page of medical history information hoping that we have remembered everything or given the doctor the correct pertinent information in order to optimize your treatment.

doctor TellLink utilizes the cohesion of existing technology sharing similar interests, and then conforming them into a valuable medical tool. This tool will eliminate confusion, execution of treatment, lost files, and guess work. This tool impacts every facet of the medical community from patient records, to proper insurance information, billing, misplaced files, physician treatment, patient transfers, EMT, emergency room treatment, and organization of patient information.

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